As more and more newsrooms examine their policies in the wake of the recent industry shakeups, Poynter has compiled a collection of articles on related issues to consider. We welcome your links and suggestions for making this resource more robust.

Poynter Resources
   · Anonymity: Father of Many a Sin
   · Managing the Internet 
   · How'd You Get That? Narrative Journalists Weigh In

Other Resources
   · Penn State University - Study on Credibility and Attribution
   · CJR - Interviewing: Was This Food Fight Fair?
   · Syracuse Post-Standard - Pitino, columnist explain misunderstanding in story

Bylines, Datelines, Credit Lines, Authorship
Poynter Resources
   · Datelines, Bylines, Other Lines 
   · Chicago Tribune Datelines and Bylines Policies 
   · A Call for Bylines 
   · Bloomberg News Breaks with Tradition on Datelines Following Iraq War

Other Resources
   · E&P - Papers clarify policies for contributers, bylines after Rick Bragg Controversy
   · CQ - Editor's Notebook: The Reader's Pact
   · Washington Post - How Did This Happen?


Poynter Resources 
   · Getting it Right: A Passion for Accuracy 
   · Correction confessions

Other Resources 
   · CJR - How accurate are your archives?
   · OJR - The Corrector:
   · ASNE - Getting a fix on online corrections
   · Chicago Tribune - Telling readers the truth
   · E&P - Why don’t readers report errors?
   · The War on Errorism


Poynter Resources
   · Report: Online News Widely Accepted as Credible
   · Media Credibility Bibliography
   · The Case for Credibility
   · Credibility: Currency of the Business

Other Resources
   · Press-Telegram - Do you trust the media? 
   · ASNE - Editors group releases preliminary journalism credibility study
   · ASNE - San Jose Mercury News Checklist
   · RTNDA - 2003 Local Television News Study of News Directors and the American Public
   · USA Today - Trust in media keeps on slipping
   · JobsPage - Credibility checklist

Fact Checking

Poynter Resources
   · The Line Between Fact and Fiction 
   · The First Peril: Fabrication 
   · Strib considers dropping ban on American Indian nicknames
   · What's in a (Nick)name?

Other Resources 
   · SFGate - Lies, Damn Lies, and Jayson Blair's Lies
   · ASNE - Details Matter: Accuracy
   · JobsPage - Accuracy checklists
   · Nieman Reports - Storytelling vs. Truth Telling
   · MSNBC - A Correction: Not a Crisis

Grammar, Spelling, Typos

Poynter Resources 
   · A Capital Offense 
   · What It Takes
   · English, Economist Style
   · The Craft of Online Editing

Other Resources 
   · CJR - Language Corner
   · Chicago Manual of Style Q&A
   · CJR - Want to Work as an Editor? Your in Luck
   · NY Times - The Bloody Crossroads of Grammar and Politics
   · - 44 Tips for Greater Accuracy

Photo Manipulation
Poynter Resources 
   · L.A. Times Photographer Fired Over Altered Image
   · A Trick of the Camera
   · Magazine Covers: Photojournalism or Illustration?
   · Missing Woman Stirs Dialog, Creates Policy at Journal-Constitution
   · The Amazing Growing Sweater

Other Resources 
   · OJR - Image Swapping on the Front Lines
   · LA Times - Editor's Note, Re: Brian Walski
   · NPPA - Ethics in the Age of Digital Photography

Poynter Resources 
   · The Unoriginal Sin* 
   · Steal This Video

Other Resources 
   · CJR - The Boston Globe’s attribution policy
   · CJR - Plagiarize, Plagiarize, Plagiarize... only be sure to call it research
   · SPJ - SPJ Puts Spotlight on Plagiarism
   · OJR - Want My Story? Help Yourself!
   · San-Antonio Express News - Rivard: A commitment and a confession 
   · Slate - How To Curb the Plagiarism Epidemic
   · Bridgewater College - Plagiarism in the News
   · The Guide to Electronic Theses and Dissertations - Plagiarism Entries
   · Brigham Young University - Newsnet returns awards due to flawed Web site

Ethics Policies

Poynter Resources
   · Codes of Ethics and Beyond
   · Inside The New York Times' Revised Code

Other Resources
   · ASNE - Codes of Ethics
   · NPPA Code of Ethics
   · New York Times Ethics Policy
   · RTNDA Code of Ethics
   · Indiana University’s What is Plagiarism?
   · Medill School of Journalism Policy on Academic Integrity
   · Secondary & Post Secondary School Plagiarism Codes

Here are a few more non-traditional resources that may cook up some food for thought.
   · Snopes - A resource for investigating urban legends. 
   · A Tissue of Lies - Index of the work of former journalist Stephen Glass.
   · News Trolls - Index of journalism ethics events.
   · Court Case - Spectrum, Inc. against the Minneapolis Star Tribune.