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  • June 1995 -- WebTV, an early proponent of Internet television, is founded. (Microsoft will purchase the company in 1997.)
  • July 1995 -- The e-commerce Web site begins service. It was founded by Jeff Bezo a year earlier.
  • Aug. 1995 -- The Windows 95 operating system is released by Microsoft. This includes software for MSN and the Explorer Web browser.
  • Sept. 1995 -- The Navigator 2.0 Web browser is released by Netscape.
  • Sept. 3, 1995 -- The eBay online auction Web site is founded by Pierre Omidyar.
  • "1995 AOL TV commercial."
    Posted on YouTube.
  • "Celebrating 60 Years of Computing."
    ENIAC Museum, Univ. of Penn., Sept. 1995.
  • Oct. 24, 1995 -- The Federal Networking Council unanimously passes a resolution defining the term Internet.
  • Specifications for the production of DVDs are finalized.



  • The America Online dial-up service has 3,000,000 subscribers.
    (Source: AOL)
  • There are approximately 60 North American newspapers with sites on the Internet or dial-up services.
    (Source: NAA)