Al Tompkins wrote a great little column on the sudden popularity of Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin's eyeglasses. It made me think: Wouldn't it be fun to do something on students' eyewear?

Consider a charticle with bespectacled students' pictures across the top and rows below that answer questions you ask. You might want to know where they got their glasses, what they cost, what year they bought them, who they think they look like in them, a picture of who you think they look like in them (be respectful, please), who else they know who wears that style and maybe a picture of what they look like without those glasses. Or take students to the store and get photos of them in different glasses and add one or two of those to the charticle.

For a news peg, be sure to tie it all in to the Sarah Palin craze.

Could make a nice multimedia piece online. If you do it, send me a link.