By Ellyn Angelotti
Interactivity Editor and Adjunct Faculty

As we've mentioned in previous Poynterevolution posts, we're getting ready to enhance Poynter Online with a new way for you to connect with Poynter and one another using Poynter Online Groups -- our new online network.

We want these groups to be a venue for compelling journalism conversations. To help us make this happen, we want to identify those who are already driving meaningful conversation on Poynter Online. We are looking for users who pose thought-provoking questions, provide valuable analysis and share powerful insight through their comments on Poynter articles.

We envision these users playing a special role in helping us create and sustain conversations in Poynter Online Groups in the coming weeks. 

Share your nominations (Yep, you can suggest yourself) by posting a comment below. If you'd rather recommend someone privately, you can email me at