Wow. Now you can go county by county and see spending from the federal stimulus program, zeroing in on where you live.

ProPublica has updated its analysis of recovery spending, "How Much Stimulus Funding is Going to Your County?" adding about 130,000 records not included when the database was first released last summer:

"We've taken all the data used on the government's stimulus Web site,, cleaned out the cobwebs and added thousands of records the feds didn't include -- the law doesn't require all recipients to report to -- to create the most comprehensive publicly available analysis of stimulus spending that we know of. Type in your county or click on your state to find local projects, and check out how per capita spending compares with poverty, income and unemployment in your area."

See a related ProPublica story from August, "Stimulus Spending Fails to Follow Unemployment, Poverty" and a chart showing how fast the stimulus is being spent.