The 2010 Stylebook app, which the AP has submitted to Apple for approval, will cost $24.99 compared to last year's $28.99 app.

Colleen Newvine, head of market research for the AP and product manager for the Stylebook, said the AP decided to lower the price after hearing some people's concerns that the app was more expensive than a Stylebook Online subscription, which costs $25 per year. Customers who bought the 2009 mobile app, which was released last September, were automatically guaranteed the 2010 app at no additional charge.

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"We had priced it taking into account that customers got two years of Stylebook for one price but some still reacted negatively to seeing a price higher than $25," Newvine said in an e-mail. "Since the 2010 app will include one year's content, we felt pricing it on par with a year's subscription to Stylebook Online made sense."

The 2010 Stylebook app includes a couple of new features that users requested, including improved search functionality and the ability to zoom in on graphics.