Lauren Indvik reports that the November issue of Esquire, its second to be made available as an iPad app, has been held up by Apple's app review process since mid-October.

The November cover story features actress Minka Kelly, who the magazine named the "sexiest woman alive," and that apparently is the sticking point in the app being approved. Indvik writes:

"The issue is simply too risque for the App Store, one source familiar with the matter told Mashable. The publication has submitted a revised version it expects to be approved in the next few days, around the time the December issue is slated to hit the App Store."

An iPhone version of the issue is already available, for $2.99, and appears to include much the same photo and video content that is featured on Esquire's website. So, it remains to be seen what additional material was included in the iPad app that caused concerns at Apple.

And that is the ongoing problem with Apple's app review process. Publishers cannot build a business model on top of a process that can delay, by a month, the publication of a monthly magazine.

UPDATE: Esquire's November issue was released to the iTunes store Wednesday afternoon and is currently on sale for $4.99.