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After CNN fired anchor Rick Sanchez last month, there was some question of who would get ownership of his @ricksanchezcnn Twitter account and its nearly 150,000 followers.

Allen Stern noted on Saturday that the mystery has been resolved and Sanchez, with a new Twitter handle is back, with his followers intact:

"It appears that about a week ago, the @ricksanchezcnn account was moved to a new Twitter account, @ricksancheznews. Based on his counts, it looks like everything was transferred over to the new account. The old Twitter account points to the new account although I am unsure who “owns” the @ricksanchezcnn account at this time. Sanchez does appear to be actively using the new Twitter account."

As of this writing, it appears the old @ricksanchezcnn account has been claimed by another user who is now tweeting under the pseudonym "Not Rick Sanchez."