Romenesko Letters

From CHRISTOPHER GUIN: Subject -- Richard Connor's "On the Media" interview. I heard the interview when it played and as the interview was reaching its most heated moments I couldn't help but think how strong the urge to hang up would be if I were in Connor's position. Garfield cut the interview either from time or to avoid some real ugliness. Connor was quick to slam the receiver but I wouldn't call that hanging up. The interview was over.

I think the Herald's coverage was reasonable but they had to have known it would be controversial. You'd think they would have had something prepared beforehand other than the half-measure they published. It does raise a good point, though. When is Sept. 11 going to stop being a sacred cow? How many local reactions stories can we read? How many times can we read that someone was at the gym or sitting in a coffee shop when they heard the news?

We've got Americans that were nine years old in 2001 now losing their limbs and their lives on a daily basis in Afghanistan. If the Sept. 11 drum-beaters want to be taken seriously, instead of sending angry letters about the lack of coverage on an anniversary, they should be sending angry letters about the lack of coverage on the generation we're letting bleed daily on the altar of safety theater.

And not only should they demand that coverage, they should read it, too.

[I asked Garfield about how the interview ended. His response: "He hung up on me. We edited out the part with him accusing me of having an 'agenda.' Made him sound unhinged."]


From JAMES KRISTIE, editor, Directors & Boards: Subject -- List of long-tenured magazine editors. Just passing along because I don’t know if anyone has ever pulled together a list like this of modern-day long-tenured national magazine editors, so I thought you might enjoy seeing this and possibly having this list as a reference:

I researched it pretty good, but maybe you and your readers would have some fun thinking of other names that should be added to this list.