Repeat after me: "All KPIs are metrics, but not all metrics are KPIs."

Unless you are a big fan of Web analytics, a KPI or "key performance indicator" may be a new term for you. It certainly has yet to catch on in the majority of newsrooms.

But then again, despite their importance to our digital businesses, Web metrics are still regarded as something of a dark art by most journalists.

We all know the basics of page views, visits and maybe unique visitors, but talk of bounce rates, engagement metrics and key performance indicators typically draw blank stares.

Journalists do not need to be experts in Web analytics, but to survive in today's newsroom we do need to understand the basics: what they mean, how they work and how they are often used (or misused) to make business decisions.

So, News University offered a webinar on the subject, and we hosted a live chat with further discussion of the topic.

You can revisit this link at any time to replay the chat.