To: Members of GCC/IBT Local 406-C
From James P. Hoffa, General President
Date: January 7, 2010
Subject: Newsday Contract

Your struggle for a fair and decent contract with Newsday was recently brought to my attention by Graphic Communications Conference/IBT President George Tedeschi and IBT Newspaper Drivers Conference Director Joe Molinero. I want you to know that you have my full support and the full support of the 1.4 million member Teamsters organization in your fight.

I understand that economic times are tough. But, we do not have to accept woefully inadequate contracts that slash our wages, provide sub-standard working conditions and outsource our jobs, especially from a company that recently gave out millions of dollars in bonuses to its corporate executives.

Due to the significant number of concession in the contract offer proposed by Newsday that would have a substantial impact on you and your families, I concur with Conference President Tedeschi's and Director Molinero's call to reject this contract.

When you return to the bargaining table, you will have my full support and the backing of the entire Teamsters organization as you seek to reach an acceptable agreement for a new contract with Newsday that respects your contributions to the newspaper and adequately provides for you and your families.