Press release

Yochi Dreazen Joins National Journal Group

Washington, D.C. (July 12, 2010) – The National Journal Group announced today that veteran national security reporter Yochi Dreazen will be joining National Journal as a senior correspondent covering military affairs and national security next month.

Dreazen comes to National Journal from the Wall Street Journal, where he is the Military Correspondent. During his 11 years at the Journal, Dreazen made more than 30 lengthy trips to Iraq and Afghanistan, spending a total of five years on the ground in the two countries, primarily as a frontline combat embed. He first arrived in Iraq with the Fourth Infantry Division in April 2003 and spent the next two-and-a-half years in Baghdad as the Journal's main Iraq correspondent. Dreazen has reported from more than 40 countries, including Japan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan, Russia and China.

“Yochi is one of the leading reporters in the area of military and national security affairs, one of the most important areas of coverage for a serious news organization like the National Journal Group,” said National Journal Group editor-in-chief Ron Fournier. “He has covered wars in Iraq and Afghanistan both from the war zone and from the political centers in Washington and has done it brilliantly. Yochi joins a great staff and kicks off what will be a summer of exciting new hires that will bring together some of the best reporters and editors at the intersection of politics and policy."

Dreazen joins National Journal as the result of a nationwide search for top journalistic talent that is currently underway at the National Journal Group. He and nearly 30 other new reporters, analysts and editors will be part of a transformed news organization that will combine the National Journal Group’s reputation for intelligence and depth with energy, currency and speed.