Shelby Knox
On October 4, 1976, Barbara Walters became the first female co-anchor of an evening newscast. Walters started her career as a writer for CBS News and then joined NBC's "Today Show" in 1961. She eventually became co-host of "Today" and went on to accept a $1 million annual contract to co-anchor "ABC Evening News" with Harry Reasoner. In a recent interview, Walters said that “there was still that feeling that a woman couldn’t do it. Little by little, because there were things that I was able to do, it made a difference. I didn’t start out to do it to prove anything. I wasn’t doing it because I wanted to be the biggest or the best. I never felt that way. I don’t today.” Walters, who celebrated her 82nd birthday last week, co-hosted "20/20" for 25 years and still co-hosts "The View." Diane Sawyer now anchors ABC's "World News."