has named University of Michigan vice president for communications David R. Lampe as an editorial board member. One website commenter notes: "University of Michigan is the biggest business in this town. And you have its top PR guy on your 'editorial board'? Your pretense of journalism is over. Fold your tent." Romenesko is told that a comment posted by "Jim" -- reprinted below -- was written by former Ann Arbor News sports columnist Jim Carty.

David Lampe spent a good six months fighting The Ann Arbor News at every single point of our academics and athletics investigation. He is a well-paid professional spinner for the biggest organization you cover. The idea you would put him on your editorial board would be nothing less than mind-boggling if it weren't for everything we've seen over the past year-plus. Pretty much epic fail on every front at this point, Tony.

Romenesko asked content director Tony Dearing to comment on criticism of Lampe's appointment; he's yet to respond. [UPDATE: He's posted his response in his comments section.]