Son of Bold Venture
Chris Jones figured there was a good chance he would win his third National Magazine Award for his Roger Ebert profile in last March's Esquire. When he learned Tuesday he hadn't been nominated, "I first took to Twitter to spit the dummy -- always a wise and prudent course of action -- and then retired to my day bed for an afternoon of dizziness and spells." He adds:

I’m hoping that just maybe today’s rapid-fire bolt through the stages of grief - now I’ve reached anger, surprisingly quickly - will make me a better writer. I’m hoping that those sad, disappointed people are right when they inevitably say that everything happens for a reason.

Jones tweet:

Ah, but I gotta be honest: crushed that my Ebert story didn't get a nod. Legs feel like they're 300 pounds. Fuck.
10:03 AM Apr 5th via web

Chris Jones

> "The story really struck a chord, and it's all because of Roger"