San Antonio Express-News | San Antonio College Ranger
San Antonio College student life director Jorge Posadas recently told student journalists at The Ranger that if they want to interview him, "we can set up a professional consulting contract and we can negotiate an appropriate fee." That fee, he said, is for serving "as professional source on the subject of student affairs." The college paper reports Posadas has long refused to do telephone or in-person interviews.

Posadas later told the San Antonio Express-News that he had misinterpreted the paper’s request for information about budget issues as a request for professional consulting. “I was confused. I was coming back off days of being away and it was like, ‘Whoops, that wasn’t good.' It has been stressful here with all these budget (cuts).”

College president Robert Zeigler says he's going to discuss the flap with his student life director. “Generally, when our people get inquiries from the press, they are free to talk, but we ask them to give our public relations office a heads up so we will know what is going on. I encourage people to talk to The Ranger when reporters ask questions."