Florida Gov. Rick Scott became known as the governor who doesn't read newspapers after he said as much during a January news conference. PolitiFact reports, however, that "the same day Scott told a roomful of reporters he didn't read their work, his staff gave him a 27-page packet of news stories" featuring 15 stories from Florida and national news outlets. Brian Burgess, Scott's communications director, says the briefings started during the campaign. A communications staffer stays up late each night to compile a packet of important stories, which is updated before 7 a.m. So why did Scott say he didn't read newspapers? PolitiFact listened to a recording of the news conference and notes that he did qualify his answer: "Well, I get some briefings, so if it's something I need to know about, I do." Burgess tells PolitiFact, "Anytime I had the opportunity to push back, I tried to do that ... But it wasn't the biggest myth we tried to refute." Scott will see what it's like to be on the other side of the questions when he does a one-day stint as a newspaper reporter as part of a program in which he samples everyday jobs. || Earlier: Florida governor’s PR man, media in ‘Twitter war