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Last year, published portions of instant-message chats in which Bradley Manning confessed to a former hacker named Adrian Lamo that he had leaked secret information to WikiLeaks. has now published the entire chat logs, which critics say contain important context that should have been disclosed. Chief among them is that Lamo told Manning, "I'm a journalist and a minister ... treat this a confession or an interview (never to be published)," which contradicts Lamo's earlier accounts. Lamo turned Manning in to law enforcement and handed the full logs over to

Salon's Glenn Greenwald, one of Manning's supporters, writes:

"Wired hid from the public this part of their exchange, published the chat in violation of Lamo's clear not-for-publication pledges, allowed Lamo to be quoted repeatedly in the media over the next year as some sort of credible and trustworthy source driving reporting on the Manning case, all while publicly (and falsely) insisting that the only chat log portions it was withholding were -- to use [ Senior Editor Kevin] Poulsen's words -- "either Manning discussing personal matters . . .  or apparently sensitive government information."