Associated Press
An AP poll of U.S. editors and broadcast news directors ranks the top stories of the year. The list, based on 247 responses, shows the difference between newsroom leaders' editorial judgment and people's reading interests. Four of the stories picked by editors weren't among the top 10 lists of user searches on Google, Yahoo or Bing. Here are the editors' picks for the year's top stories:

  1. Osama bin Laden death
  2. Japan earthquake/tsunami/nuclear crisis
  3. Arab Spring
  4. EU fiscal crisis
  5. US economy
  6. Penn State sex abuse scandal
  7. Moammar Gadhafi death/Libya
  8. Fiscal showdowns in Congress
  9. Occupy protests
  10. Arizona shooting of Gabrielle Giffords

Top news stories of 2011
Google News US searches Hot topics on Twitter Most searched on Yahoo Most searched on Bing
Hurricane Irene Mubarak's resignation Casey Anthony trial Casey Anthony trial
Occupy Osama bin Laden death Japan earthquake Osama bin Laden death
Japan earthquake Japan earthquake Royal wedding Hurricane Irene
iPhone 5 Arizona shooting Osama bin Laden death Japan earthquake
iPad 2 Moammar Gadhafi death Unemployment Amy Winehouse death
Libya Swine flu outbreak Arizona shooting Joplin tornado
Osama bin Laden death -- Amy Winehouse death Michael Jackson trial/Conrad Murray
Egypt -- Arab Spring 9/11 10-year anniversary
Casey Anthony -- Libya/Moammar Gadhafi death GOP candidates – Herman Cain, Rick Perry
Ron Paul -- Occupy Wall Street Haiti anniversary