"While Conde was shuttering Gourmet, Food Network Magazine was drawing in readers with celebrity talent, over-the-top recipes, and a general refusal to take itself too seriously," say Adweek editors. Other magazines on their Hot List:

2. Marie Claire. "In 2010, Marie Claire grew ad pages by 20 percent, the fastest pace of any of the established fashion mags."

3. Elle Decor. "Ad pages rose 35 percent, and second-half newsstand sales were up 26 percent."

4. Wired. "Wired has become an agenda setter and a digital beacon for the company."

5. GQ. "GQ has reasserted itself as the preeminent men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine by taking itself seriously—but not too seriously."

6. People StyleWatch. "One of the fastest growers in the industry."

7. Cosmopolitan. "In the U.S., it remains the biggest newsstand magazine."

8. Rolling Stone. "A surge of hard-hitting investigative pieces ... earned Rolling Stone massive attention and drove single-copy sales up 19 percent in the second half of 2010."

9. Businessweek. "Ad pages jumped 49 percent in the first quarter of this year, bringing profitability in sight."

10. Vanity Fair. "Ad pages are clawing their way back from the lows of the recession (up 11 percent last year) and dominating the luxury ad market."

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