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Dan Primack has the latest on the Michael Arrington-TechCrunch saga, reporting, "Fortune has learned that AOL executives have decided to terminate Arrington." He writes, however, that he doesn't know how this will unfold -- with a resignation or a termination -- or what will happen to AOL's $10 million commitment for Arrington's new startup fund. And he includes this caveat: "While I'm led to believe this decision is final, AOL has been so scattershot during this past week that any sort of reversal would not shock me (particularly since Arrington likely will be asking for the world, while [Arianna] Huffington will want to offer him a bowl of dust)." In another post on CNN Money, Chadwick Matlin recalls the awkward conversation between Arrington and Huffington at TechCrunch Disrupt earlier this year. "You're my boss," Arrington said. "I actually have to report to you. ... I'm not good at reporting to people. Is it going to work?" || Related: C.W. Anderson describes three ways that TechCrunch challenges journalism values (Nieman Lab) || Earlier: TechCrunch writer M.G. Siegler says, "TechCrunch is on the precipice"