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Shepard Smith's two-week course included a week at the University of Mississippi and another in New York. (The Fox News anchor left Ole Miss six credits short of graduation in 1987.) For some of the 11 students, Smith's course was "truly a life-altering experience, and that is what education is all about," Debora Halpern Wenger, the professor who accompanied Smith's students to New York, tells David Bauder. He writes:

Smith's devotion to his home state, and university, is evident in the signed footballs on display at his Fox office. At some point he said he wanted to do more for his home and teaching could be a way to do it.

A former Daily Mississippian editor-in-chief writes that Smith "has reminded all of us this week of the critical importance of storytelling, a fundamental quality of reporting that risks being overlooked as aspiring journalists are expected to adapt to the latest and greatest technology."