George Norcross III "is a powerful political figure in our state, to be sure, and a newsmaker who we've written about extensively over the years," writes Mike Daniels, opinion page editor of Gannett's Courier-Post. "Some have questioned our decision to invite Norcross onto the board, but to our mind, the decision wasn't difficult." (Norcross is chairman of Cooper University Hospital; chairman of Conner Strong Companies, one of the largest insurance brokerage firms in the nation; and prominent Camden County Democratic Party leader and fundraiser.)

Blogger Tom Crone criticizes the editorial board pick:

We find it chilling that a man many know as one of the most powerful political figures in New Jersey, a person who has never been elected to office, yet under whose 20 year dominance as an old school political boss the City of Camden has fallen into a deep dark pit, was afforded the option of having his views printed for free in your newspaper.