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Craig Dubow's pay included a $1.75 million all-cash bonus, reports Jim Hopkins. Chief operating officer Gracia Martore was paid $8.2 million, with a cash bonus of $1.25 million. The bonuses were awarded partly on the basis of cost-cutting that included layoffs, unpaid furloughs and other austerity measures, according to a shareholders proxy report filed on Thursday. || Dubow would get $22.5 million if he quit right now. || Reuters: Gannett sees a decline in first quarter publishing and TV revenue.

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The proxy report to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission disclosed pay for GCI's six highest earners. The other four were:

* Chief Financal Officer Paul Saleh: $2.9 million; includes a $225,000 bonus, after joining GCI last November.
* U.S. newspapers president Bob Dickey: $3.4 million, including $600,000 bonus. (His total 2009 pay: $1.9 million.)
* USA Today Publisher Dave Hunke: $2.5 million, including $375,000 bonus. (Total 2009: $1.9 million.)
* Broadcasting President Dave Lougee: $2.2 million, including $450,000 bonus. (Total 2009: $1.3 million.)