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Asked about Texas Gov. Rick Perry's election chances on ABC's "This Week" on Sunday, syndicated columnist George Will disclosed that his wife has joined the campaign, then proceeded to say that candidates can recover from gaffes like the ones that have plagued Perry. Will's wife Mari Maseng, who's worked in politics for 30 years, is advising the Perry campaign on messaging and debate preparation. Will said on the show that some staffers for Mitt Romney had tried to make an issue about it. Politico's Dylan Byers notes that Will has used his column to criticize Romney, including an Oct. 28 column headlined, "The pretzel candidate." Earlier this month, NPR's Michele Norris said she would step down as host of NPR's "All Things Considered" because her husband had taken a job with the Obama re-election campaign. "So why is it that in identical situations, Norris felt she needed to disclose and step away from her position to protect her organization from conflict of interest, yet Will didn’t feel the same action was necessary in his case?" asks Robin Marty of Care2. || Related: Chelsea Clinton to become special correspondent for NBC News (The New York Times)