Press Gazette

The Guardian has run a correction and apologized to The Sun, one of News Corp.'s British tabloids, for reporting that The Sun had obtained medical records for ex-prime minister Gordon Brown's son. After the Guardian's story this week, The Sun denied the report and obtained an affidavit from its source, a member of the public whose son also suffered from cystic fibrosis. Some people noted that the correction, which ran on page 36, didn't have nearly the prominence as the original front page story; a spokesperson said the issue was dealt with "in the usual way."

More apologizing: News International plans full-page apologies in newspapers around the U.K. this weekend. (Business Insider has an image of the ad.)

Rupert Murdoch has apologized to the family of Milly Dowler, whose voicemails News of the World journalists listened to after she went missing.