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In a Newsweek story published Sunday, Howard Kurtz quoted House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi criticizing the Obama administration's messaging: “I think you need to talk about how poorly they do on message ... They can’t see around corners; they anticipate nothing.” Trouble is, Pelosi apparently never said anything like that, and Newsweek has posted a correction to the story. Business Insider's Zeke Miller has the play-by-play of the denials and Howard Kurtz' responses. Politico's Keach Hagey writes that a "a series of mistakes" made it appear that Pelosi had uttered those words. Kurtz actually didn't interview Pelosi; the comments attributed to her came from unused quotations from a previous interview with Newsweek's Lois Romano for another story. "Somewhere in the hand-off, however, there was a miscommunication, according to several Newsweek sources," Hagey writes. "Notes that framed the interview were misinterpreted as part of the transcript." || Earlier: Why did Kurtz sit on an embarrassing correction for six weeks?