Jim Schachter, associate managing editor of the Times, says in an interview that he doesn't particularly consider The Huffington Post a threat to the Times: "The threat comes from the direction of everyone who competes with us for the readers' attention. Even Angry Birds, for that matter, because it consumes people's time. Our commerce people have to pay attention to so many competitors, with many of whom we have business relations. They have to ask, 'Is Apple a threat? Is Google? Is The Wall Street Journal?' " He also says that the Times' strategy is "to keep the print medium in existence as much as possible, at least in the foreseeable future, because it's a serious source of advertising for us. ... Nonetheless, and it is complicated, we won't let it be an obstacle to the digital venture." || Related: Quora users answer the question, "Why is a subscription to the New York Times relatively expensive?"