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USA Today Washington bureau chief and Gridiron Club president Susan Page has told C-SPAN that their cameras aren't allowed at Saturday's Gridiron Dinner. In his letter to Page, C-SPAN CEO Brian Lamb noted the irony of Washington journalists hosting national leaders in a closed-door event. "The public clamors for openness and transparency in Washington, which is why we are optimistic you will ...allow our camera in this year's dinner." Page wasn't convinced and said no to the cameras. || C-SPAN's letter is linked after the jump.

E-mail from C-SPAN's Howard Mortman

As you know, C-SPAN’s efforts for greater openness in Washington is not limited to government access, but to media events as well.

In that spirit, we once again asked the media’s Gridiron Club to allow C-SPAN TV cameras into this Saturday’s dinner.

And, as has been the case every year, the Gridiron Club has said no to our request.

Our letter to the Gridiron Club is linked here. If you want more information on their denial, please contact Susan Page at USA Today.

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