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McClatchy reports that its ad revenue was down 8.7 percent in October and 2.4 percent in November, helped by retail and national advertising. That compares to a drop of 10.1 percent from 2010 for the first nine months of the year. Gannett CEO Gracia Martore said November's ad revenue, including pre-prints, was "demonstrably better," according to Gannett Blog's Jim Hopkins. Gannett says its newspapers are profitable – except for the Detroit Free Press, which cut back home delivery to three days a week in 2009. Sunday circulation is up at newspapers in both chains, according to executives. || Related: Media General says revenue from local media websites will be 15 percent higher this year than last and that it intends to finalize its plans for staff cuts at the Tampa Tribune by the end of the year. | Three issues for media investors in 2012 (Marketwatch)