Natasha Lennard was arrested as she covering the Occupy Wall Street protests for The New York Times in October. Later she was videotaped praising the movement, after which the Times said it didn't plan to use her anymore. "I agree with every pundit who argues that I have no place in the mainstream media," she writes. "If the mainstream media prides itself on reporting the facts, I have found too many problems with what does or does not get to be a fact — or what rises to the level of a fact they believe to be worth reporting — to be part of such a machine. Going forward, I want to take responsibility for my voice and the facts that I choose and relay. I want them to instigate change." || Related: Ben Doernberg, a student at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, says he collected the first person-accounts of arrests because "the facts on the ground never seem to make it into the mainstream media." (Storify)