Deseret News
"I think members of the Church will find that the package treats Mormonism fairly," says Newsweek reporter McKay Coppins, an active Mormon who has written for the Deseret News and Mormon Times. Here's what Deseret News readers said about the Newsweek piece in the News' comments section:

I just read the article. Somewhere I've seen this before; nothing new, same template. Good people, weird religion. Being LDS I have given up on any news publication or program getting it right. And I don't care anymore. I'm happy I'm weird with all the rest of us.

I am disappointed in McKay Coppins agreeing to and/or promoting this cover. I was a fan of his when he was back writing at the des News, and for some of his early work at Newsweek. This cover is intended to provoke, and to sell magazines, not to convey positive things about the LDS Church, as he suggests. If Newsweek was looking to be fair, there would have been a great cover, not one that conveys a stupid, lets make fun, caricature like it does.

If a national publication includes a few positive remarks about the LDS church, then maybe it will clear the air and open a few minds. If not, the church will move forward regardless.