The National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association announced Monday morning that it has accepted an invitation to join Unity and will participate in the Unity convention next August. The NLGJA board voted unanimously on the decision just a few weeks after President David Steinberg announced that the missions of NLGJA and Unity were "completely overlapping." NLGJA tweeted earlier this morning that Unity will discuss the possibility of dropping "journalists of color" from its description. In a joint statement, Unity and NLGJA said: "During the next year, UNITY will work to broaden [its] focus on diversity more generally. A broader focus will strengthen UNITY’s position when advocating for specific types of inclusion, be it racial, ethnic or based on sexual orientation or gender identity." There had been speculation that NLGA would join Unity after the National Association of Black Journalists withdrew from the group in April. NABJ took one step closer to reuniting with Unity last week, but no formal decision has been made.