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In a 55-page decision released Thursday, the National Labor Relations Board ordered Wendy McCaw's Santa Barbara News-Press to reinstate eight reporters that the paper fired for union activities. The NLRB's unanimous decision upholds a 2007 ruling that the News-Press violated the National Labor Relations Act. The newspaper says it's going to appeal and issued this statement:

The decision of the NLRB is not unexpected. This is just another decision of the current National Labor Relations Board in its assaults on businesses in the United States of America. In every instance so far, when Santa Barbara News-Press has been in the federal court system, it has prevailed over the National Labor Relations Board and the Teamsters Union. Santa Barbara News-Press fully expects to prevail again.

Craig Smith points out on his blog that "this case isn't completely over yet, but we're a whole lot closer to the end." || Earlier Romenesko coverage.
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