NPR is asking fans to join in the celebration by changing their Facebook profile picture to an NPR avatar, and tweeting what NPR personality they'd most like to have cake with.

From NPR's media relations department

NPR is celebrating its 40th birthday today, along with the very first broadcast of All Things Considered (May 2, 1971).

I wanted to point to some fun ways in which we – and NPR fans -- are celebrating this huge milestone.

AVATARS: We are encouraging NPR fans to change their Facebook profile pics to an “NPR avatar” . Check out the link to our blog post where they can grab the images and learn a bit more of what we are up to today.

VINTAGE PHOTOS: To honor our history, throughout the day we will post plenty of vintage NPR photos/slideshow (Ira Flatow interviewing Penguins in Antartica in 1979?) on our blog “This is NPR”, on iPhone app Instagram, and on NPR’s Tumblr page.

TUNE IN: hear from many of the "All Things Considered" hosts over the years, today at 4pm, ATC

TWEET OUT: We are having a ‘tweet out’ at 4pm EST to celebrate the first broadcast of All Things Considered – the question we are posing for followers to tweet right at 4pm -- is (from our @NPR twitter):

tweet what NPR person you’d most like to have cake with #happybdayNPR

*NOTE TO DC READERS: swing by NPR 635 Mass Ave today for a free popsicle (Pleasant Pops truck) at 2pm (while supplies last, look for the popsicle truck and the NPR employees wearing NPR tees!)


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