New York Daily News
That's what New York Daily News editor-in-chief Kevin Convey told a chat participant who asked about a Gawker report that News owner Mort Zuckerman is already looking for his successor. (Convey was named editor last July.)
More from his chat:

Why can't readers comment on Mike Lupica articles?

Commenters seem to get out of hand when they're commenting on Mike and a few others, making personal remarks and basically treating the comments like a junior high school bathroom wall. So we closed them down. I'd be willing to reconsider if commenters would show some restraint and civility.

Do you think that in the near future there will no longer be the printed newspaper?

I think there will always be a print edition. The questions are: what form will it take, what will its frequency be, how many will want to receive it and how much will it cost. All TBD. Certainly readers will be asked to share more in the cost of producing that edition in the future.

What do you think about paywalls for news sites?

I'm always thinking about ways of paying for our journalism. At the same time, I'd say that the experience so far has been mixed. When the content is proprietary or not a commodity, it seems to work (The Wall Street Journal is an example.) When it is not, not so much. The jury is still out for most newspapers, I think.