The Times' share of page views for all U.S. newspaper websites dropped from 13 percent in March to 10.6 percent in April -- its lowest share in 12 months, reports Nat Ives. A Times spokeswoman tells him that the numbers are still "very strong and we're very pleased." She goes on:

When you look at these numbers at Yahoo News and MSNBC that suggests that there was a dip in news. Despite that, and given that this is the first month where you can see the traffic patterns post-digital subscription launch, these are actually better number than our internal projections.

Despite the significance of the news, which can't be discounted, we retained our ranking in terms of unique users, page views and engagement, and that's important.

Meanwhile, a CitiBank analyst has reiterated his Buy rating on shares of the Times Company, saying the paper appears to be approaching break-even with its Web site, even though traffic is likely down 20 percent since the paywall went up in March.
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