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TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington said over the weekend that CNN's Soledad O'Brien ambushed him in an upcoming documentary about the lack of blacks in Silicon Valley. In the documentary, Arrington said he couldn't think of a black entrepreneur.

O'Brien responded to the criticism, saying Arrington was told about the topic of the interview. "He thinks the question was a set-up," she wrote. "No, it was an honest question to which he gave an honest answer."

Arrington wrote a blog post "Oh shit, I'm a racist," in response to an online debate about whether his comments were racist:

I drew a complete blank. Nothing. So I answered honestly. “I don’t know a single black entrepreneur,” I said.

See, my brain database doesn’t categorize people in terms of skin color. Or hair color. Or sexual orientation. When I queried that database, under stressful circumstances, I got zero results.

Here's a video preview of the documentary, which airs Nov. 13.