One emailer threatened to track down Lantern editor-in-chief Zack Meisel and beat him up. Another said the 21-year-old journalist and reporter James Oldham were the most likely candidates to be found dead in the Olentangy River. (The two reported that ex-OSU player Ray Small profited off of memorabilia while at Ohio State. They posted audio from the interview after Small claimed the paper "flipped my words around".) Meisel says of the emails about his paper's Jim Tressel coverage:

"I did read through most of them, if not all of them. There were definitely more than 100. Some were, 'Thanks for trying to take down our program.' For all the fans who reacted negatively, half wanted me to move to Michigan, half wanted me to move to Nashville with Kirk Herbstreit. I wish there would have been a consensus.

"I've learned more about journalism and the way the media works in the last 72 hours than I did probably in my first 21 years of living. It's been a whirlwind."