La Vita Cucinare

Katherine Sacks has nine reasons why Ruth Reichl should hire her as web editor and "food writer extraordinaire" for the new Gilt Taste website. Her Reason #4: "Gourmet was the best job I’ll never have." The Medill grad writes:

Gourmet was the first food magazine I can remember reading and was the real reason I applied to journalism school. It had been my dream to work with the team that created Gourmet since I can remember, and everything I did, from culinary school to writing restaurant reviews for my college paper to working on a French goat farm was a step towards my goal of Gourmet. The day it was announced that Gourmet was done, I cried. Literal tears streamed down my face. If that’s not dedicated I don’t know what is.

Sacks posted her nine reasons last Friday. Any update?

I haven't heard from Ruth yet, but I am hoping through the power of social media and some good karma, I'll land a job with Gilt Taste.

Sacks' plea is here.