Late Sunday night, hackers posted PBS user passwords, defaced its website and posted a fake story to a NewsHour blog stating that Tupac Shakur was alive and living in New Zealand. (Shakur was killed in 1996.) An anonymous hacking group called LulzSec posted a note saying they were "less than impressed" with a Frontline documentary on WikiLeaks and proceeded to disclose user IDs and passwords and deface the website. BoingBoing's Xeni Jardin notes, however, that the sections of the site hosting Frontline and the WikiLeaks documentary apparently were untouched. The Shakur story was indexed by Google News and remained a topic of conversation on Twitter and Facebook (about 3,000 people "liked" the story on Facebook) even after it was removed, according to A NewsHour staffer spent a few hours late Sunday and early Monday morning trying to dispel the story.