AllThingsD / INFODocket
The Washington Post's Trove, a personalized news service, is now open to the public, with a welcome note from Washington Post Co. Chairman and CEO Don Graham. Meanwhile, Peter Kafka of AllThingsD has noticed that, a similar service with roots at The New York Times, has launched a new site that seems to indicate that it's close to launching. The services are different — Poynter's Damon Kiesow did a full rundown of Trove and TechCrunch reviewed earlier this year. The goal is the same: Use technological means (and in Trove's case, some human) to give people what they want to read from a variety of sources. Kafka notes, "the most interesting thing about is that it’s an aggregator blessed by some publishers that haven’t always been hospitable to aggregators." But he adds that he "won’t be surprised to see some publishers who haven’t signed on rattling their sabers when launches — just like the Times and the AP have in the past. Glad to see they’ve come around."
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