The Record photographer Tom Franklin, who took the iconic image of three firefighters raising the American flag at ground zero, said the photo still stirs reaction from firefighters, who "tell me what that picture means to them ... That, I think, is really one of the special things about that picture because they were the real soldiers in this story and their loss cannot be measured." Franklin took the photo, "Raising the Flag at Ground Zero," shortly after the search and rescue efforts had ended on 9/11. The photo, which was featured on a U.S. postage stamp, has raised more than $10 million between the stamp and other charitable uses, Franklin said. || Related: 10 iconic images from 9/11; Tom Brokaw recalls "being out there without a net" as he anchored 9/11 coverage on NBC; how The Wall Street Journal’s improvised 9/11 battle plan helped it to a Pulitzer; first-person account from former Wall Street Journal reporter.