Capital New York | The City Maven
Robert Stolarik was freelancing for The New York Times, trying to photograph arrests at World Financial Center on Monday, but officers kept pushing him back and blocking his shots. At one point during the confrontation, captured on video (3:05), an officer repeatedly bobs in front of Stolarik. "Are you really doing that right now?" Stolarik asks, then records the officer denying that he blocked his shots. Stolarik told The Village Voice that his press credential was visible; it's visible in the video. In Los Angeles, The City Maven reports that a new video contradicts a Los Angeles police officer's contention that a City News Service reporter arrested two weeks ago was drunk and didn't identify himself. The police department is investigating. "As to why the police department’s original account appears to differ from the video," writes Alice M. Walton, LAPD Cmdr. Andrew Smith "said there was a major miscommunication between the arresting officers and Media Relations." Update: Joe Pompeo reports that a Times lawyer has complained to the deputy commissioner, who is looking into that incident and another one.