James O'Keefe's recent undercover interviews of journalists and Wall Street protesters have fallen flat, writes Kenneth Vogel, and his Project Veritas is beset by infighting and disappointing fundraising. At some point, says O'Keefe friend and adviser Francisco Gonzalez, someone will turn the camera on O'Keefe. “I mean, he does it to people and people are going to do it to him, and we fully understand that.” || Related: Erik Wemple tells the two volunteers on the NPR video, who have publicly criticized how O'Keefe does his work, that if they are "committed to a career in mendacity," they should "quit complaining, start groveling before the master and then get back to lying." (The Washington Post) || Earlier: Sree Sreenivasan says people like O’Keefe "think having a camera makes them a journalist" (Poynter.org)