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James O'Keefe, who has taken to recording reporters and journalism professors in an attempt to prove media bias, apparently has one fan in media. O'Keefe's latest video targets The Star-Ledger's Amy Ellis Nutt for making disparaging comments about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. When O'Keefe visits The Star-Ledger to get a comment from an editor, a man recognizes him in the lobby. "James O'Keefe?" the man says, adding that he works in advertising. "Nice to meet you, guy. ... I like your work. I can't say much for our editorial side." Later in the video, O'Keefe goes to Columbia University's journalism school, where he tries to get Dean of Student Affairs Sree Sreenivasan to respond to unrelated comments by another Columbia professor. "Hey folks, there's a celebrity here!" Sreenivasan says, pulling his phone out to record O'Keefe. Sreenivasan apparently is OK in O'Keefe's eyes, as he says in the video, "It's important to note that from all accounts, Dean Sreenivasan is a good man who has taught many about the benefits and uses of social media. Our investigation is not about him." As for the others he's targeted, O'Keefe claims, "These professors and journalists have never been held accountable in their entire lives." || Earlier: James O’Keefe takes aim at Clay Shirky, Jay Rosen | Rosen explains how O’Keefe got sting video