Joe Mullin tells Jonathan Tasini that most of the public discussion of his Huffington Post lawsuit "seems pretty negative." HIs response:

I disagree. I think there’s a lot of support out there. I keep getting emails from a whole variety of writers who want to join on as plaintiffs, who are giving us all sorts of inside information. There still is a lot of fear out there. Some of the people expressing opposition to what we’re doing are just bootlickers. I think people fear being blacklisted—which I was when I sued The New York Times. And I understand that fear.

> Guy suing HuffPo for not paying bloggers doesn't pay his bloggers

Information about tonight's "Inside the New Huffington Post" panel is after the jump.

My name is Katelyn Davis and I work for AxiCom, a San Francisco-based PR agency. This Friday, 4/15, my company will be co-sponsoring a panel event put on by PRSA Silicon Valley. The event, “Inside the New Huffington Post,” will explore what life is like at the ‘new Huffington Post’ since the AOL merger and features the following panelists from Huffington Post:

* Ryan McCarthy, Business Editor
* Adam Rose, Media, Entertainment, Technology and Politics
* Victoria Fine, Impact Editor (cause-related initiatives)
* Taylor Gray, SVP Social Marketing
* Cindy Murphy, Director of Sales

The conversation will be moderated by Cathy Brooks of the Social Media Hour and will be live-streamed.