They were concerned about images and language in the spring issue of Fusion. A fourth printer finally agreed to do the job, but charged a $2,200 rush fee.


Freeport Press
“We actually asked them to adjust the content of Fusion based on the f-word and on what we’re calling some graphic material, which involved some pictures of genitalia, and we’re just not comfortable producing that type of content.” The "graphic" photo depicts a man wearing a leotard and showing a bulge.

Hess Print Solutions
"What we [did was] go back and say, ‘Is there a way we can change the language, make the language not so offensive?’” says CFO Fred Cooper. He also objected to words that “refer to alternative sexuality,” including queers, fags, and steers.

Davis Graphic Communication Solutions
The printer didn't like the f-word (the one with the u.) “It’s incumbent upon production facilities that we protect other people who are offended by that. Church groups wouldn’t be comfortable having that exposed. It is not our policy to print pornography or profanity.”

Printing Concepts ended up accepting the job.

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