Thursday, Techdirt's Mike Masnick broke a story about the federal government finally returning the domain of a music site to its owner after seizing it last year. Friday afternoon, The New York Times published its own story "with nary a mention of our story," Masnick writes. "Attacking others for reporting on the same thing they've reported on is going to make them look foolish when they do the same thing, as happened here." Bruce Headlam, media editor for the Times, tells me via email that the Times' Ben Sisario did credit Techdirt with breaking the news, but it was edited out. "We should have credited Techdirt and we didn't. But the fault was the editor's, not Ben's. We'll correct it today." Headlam says Sisario, who reported on the sting last year, learned of the story via CNET, read the Techdirt story and then reported everything in his story independently.