WordPress has been around for eight years, and Tumblr just four. In the past six months, the number of Tumblr users has nearly tripled, reports John Asante. (There are more than 7 million Tumblr blogs.) Mark Coatney, who joined Tumblr last July after editing Newsweek's Tumblr, talks about Tumbling with NPR's "Morning Edition":

It's more almost like, you know, an email experience in a way. You'll dash off an email or do a tweet or something like that because it's quick and easy, so it's kind of taking that thinking and applying it to blogging.

It kind of speaks to what I think is a new and emerging thing in journalism, which is kind of talking to your audience on a peer-to-peer level as opposed to the broadcast model where you put it out and people consume it.

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